About ocorti

I like simple photography. I like pure photography. I like emotions in photograpy. No artifice. I like the dynamics and the lines in the construction of a picture. Pure Emotions through photography. My aim.... I wish to would reach it more often.

I use very little post-editing and computer work : some cropping, some work on the contrast and light (levels, curves). Not more.

Some of my favortie links :
<a href="http://www.AtgetPhotography.com/">Atget Photography.com</a>

Equipment is of little importance. The eye & the light count more.

Welcome to my site. I hope you enjoy the journey and really appreciate your comments. Thank you for your visit. Please vote for me on one of the links on the main page if you wish so.

Photography Equipment

Canon D60, Canon 40D, Canon 400D, and a small Canon ixus 100, various lenses (Canon and Sigma). The equipement does not count....the emotion in the picture makes it all.